Borrow money with a small loan

Loans with Private credit checker

Loans with Private credit checker

We all know this: Especially when we are short of cash anyway, the cell phone also breaks. Or the washing machine. Or the car is on strike and needs urgent repair. Often it is not just unexpected purchases or repairs that can cause you financial difficulties. It can also unexpectedly flutter mail from the landlord into the house with a claim for additional costs, the snapshot of you via speed camera is a really good portrait – but expensive, and the tax office also wants something from you. The reasons for a short-term financial bottleneck are diverse and usually occur suddenly and completely unexpectedly. If there are no personal reserves for such emergencies or this piggy bank for the unexpected is already empty, you normally go to your bank and take out a small loan.

However, if your Private credit checker score is not that high, you usually have no chance of getting a loan for a small amount of money. Every bank is obliged to obtain Private credit checker information before granting a loan, so that you also have little chance of getting a loan from other banks. If you are granted a loan from a provider, even though your Private credit checker value is poor, you often have to pay very high interest. In addition, there are minimum amounts for loan applications at many financial institutions, which may be too high for your urgent money worries and may cause you even greater difficulties if the credit is nevertheless granted according to the Private credit checker information. Because in this case you are to a certain extent forced to go into debt much higher than you actually need.

The solution for financial bottlenecks

Xpresscredit is therefore a good and cheap solution, even if your Private credit checker score is low. Xpresscredit offers all new customers loans from a low amount of $ 50 up to a maximum amount of $ 1000 with terms of between 30 and 62 days. You can therefore repay your loan in a single installment after 30 days. Or you can add the 2-installment option when you apply and you can repay your loan in two smaller monthly installments with a term of 62 days.

If you need the money immediately, you can also select the XpressService on your application, so you can get your money paid out to your account within 24 hours.

What does a Private credit checker entry mean?

What does a Private credit checker entry mean?

Basically, there is nothing wrong with a Private credit checker entry, because this entry only says that your data regarding your payment behavior is stored at Private credit checker. In addition, German citizens are almost entirely creditworthy. Private credit checker has stored positive information on over 90 percent of people living in Germany. The Private credit checker statistics on consumer loans, which have remained unchanged for several years, look even better, and 97.9 percent of them are repaid smoothly.

Contrary to what many suspect, Private credit checker has actually saved nothing more than contracts and the settlement of these payments agreed in the contract. Private credit checker has not collected any data about your income or your job.

Private credit checker self-disclosure is free of charge

Private credit checker self-disclosure is free of charge

In Germany, a Private credit checker credit check is part of everyday life in many cases that have nothing to do with lending. Think of landlords, for example, who are already requesting Private credit checker self-disclosure as a prerequisite for a rental agreement. Private credit checker information is therefore simply part of the credit system, so that a loan without Private credit checker is simply unthinkable in Germany. As a rule, with a Private credit checker entry or even a negative Private credit checker at your bank you will no longer get any credit.

In order to be on the safe side before your loan application, you can do a Private credit checker credit check yourself. As a consumer, your own data can also be easily accessed online via Private credit checker directly via the Internet portal www.meinePrivate credit or via other services that offer Private credit checker information online immediately.

Even if you are not sure about your Private credit checker entry and just want to find out more, you can also do so free of charge on the Private credit checker website.

What is Private credit checker?

Private credit checker stands for “Schutzgemeinschaft” for general credit protection and its legal form is that of a stock corporation. Private credit checker Holding AG (formerly Private credit checker eV) is basically nothing more than an information agency that specializes in the question of creditworthiness. The basic idea when it was founded was that companies should exchange their payment experience with customers. This should concern positive data such as payment by installments, as well as negative information about possible payment defaults. Such data is an important basis for companies to make decisions, for example when it comes to offering payment in installments or minimizing defaults.

Private credit checker is a leader in Germany as a private information and service partner for the lending industry. This information agency was founded in 1927 with the purpose of providing the contracting parties with information on the creditworthiness of third parties and thus a decision-making aid when granting loans. There are currently around 9,500 companies that are part of the Private credit checker organization as contractual partners: banks and savings banks, companies in stationary or Internet trade, telecommunications companies, energy suppliers and many more. The information collected by Private credit checker serves both companies and consumers in all questions when it comes to creditworthiness.

The amount of data of the Private credit checker

The amount of data to be processed for Private credit checker’s special information service is truly enormous. Private credit checker has 943 million data on around 6 million companies and around 67.7 million natural persons. Around 450,000 requests for information are processed every day to enable fast and uncomplicated business transactions. That’s over 165 million creditworthiness requests a year, with around 2.5 million consumers asking for information to see their own data. Private credit checker employs (as of 2019) around 900 people. The central office is in Wiesbaden. However, Private credit checker maintains additional offices in Berlin, Munich, Hanover, Bochum, Cologne and Hamburg.

Where does the Private credit checker data come from?

Private credit checker is an information agency that works on the principle of mutuality. The Private credit checker contractual partners therefore contribute to the compilation of the database and the collection of data. An important partner is, for example, the central office for credit information and also the banks. But there are also other other contractual partners who transmit their data about the respective customers to Private credit checker. For reasons of data protection, however, this cannot be done without the express consent of the respective customer. Private credit checker also collects some data itself, mostly from public sources, such as the debtor registers of the local courts.

How does a Private credit checker entry work?

How does a Private credit checker entry work?

This usually leads to a Private credit checker entry:

A Private credit checker contract partner concludes a contract with one of his own customers – for example, sells a cell phone via installment payments – and reports this to Private credit checker. The customer then fulfills this contract, for example, pays all installments for the newly purchased cell phone on time. This would be a positive entry at Private credit checker, so it does not have to be a loan, a well-managed checking account is sufficient to prove whether a person meets the respective payment obligations.

If the same customer who has reliably paid all the installments for the cell phone wants to take out a loan for a car later, the next Private credit checker partner learns of this positive entry from the customer. Because only the contractual partners can read the entries made with the so-called score for their potential customers and their creditworthiness.


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